Friday, September 3, 2010

Multi-Topic Stream of Consciousness Blog Post

Sometimes it seems to me that I have a character flaw, which is to focus on the things that aren't working. I can tell you - that's a surefire avenue to depression. As many wise people, including the great Jack Kornfield, have rightly pointed out, it's not the external circumstances of your life that cause you pain or joy, it's the THOUGHTS you have about those circumstances...

After writing (and thinking) the other day about how frustrating my money situation is, I got a bit glum. But I can tell you, if I didn't give a shit about the fact that money is so tight, the actual circumstances of my financial situation wouldn't bother me a bit!

But there is a subtlety here that is important. To improve the situation, I MUST think about the situation. And so the answer is not to simply ignore it, but rather to intentionally have certain types of thoughts, instead of others. Solution-oriented, proactive thoughts tend to work better!


On that topic, I continue to brainstorm income generating solutions that would fit my life here in Taos. The ideal scenario would be one in which I could work 10 or 20 or 30 hours a week doing something creative and/or problem-solving in nature, and then use the internet to sell that product or service. Working through the internet would be good because then I would not have to deal directly with people, which can be time-consuming and unpredictable. Also, the internet reaches a lot more people than the Taos phone-book.

Gunsmithing is one possibility that came to mind. I am sure I would be very good at it, and I probably have most of the tools already. However, it's not really an interenet thing; in fact I might have to deal with republicans or gangsters.

I am also continuing to attempt to fix my CNC milling machine. So far, I am having no luck. If anyone wants to read the forum thread I have been running on this topic, click here. I am pretty sure I could come up with a way to make money with this thing, if I could get it working.... I keep trying.


Today Christina and I took the day off from improving the house, preparing for the baby, and working in the shop. Instead we drove to Abiquiu lake, not far from where Georgia O'Keefe hung out and painted. We sat around and read and went swimming with the dogs. Nice.

Oh, and does everybody know that Christina is pregnant, and we will be having a kiddo in about a month? (!!)


Not too long ago I posted a list of books I was ostensibly trying to read. However, I also confessed that I rarely finish the books I start. Well, I did not finish any of those, although there are a few that I am still imagining that I might get back to. But I do have a few new books that I am trying to read!

They are:

Wearable Robots: Biomechatronic Exoskeletons, by Jose . Pons. This is a very dense book, and the first book to focus exclusively on wearable robots. I am actually getting through it, slowly. Although a lot of the scientific equations and calculations are above my head, it's a great volume. Entire chapters are devoted to topics such as kinematics of the human body; cognitive human-robot interface technologies; and sensor, actuator, and power supply technologies. When I get around to building my man-amplifier, I will be glad I read this.

Mythology, by David Leeming. I just started this book about world mythologies, but it seems like a well-written, entertaining read. I picked it up at a used bookstore in Pasadena.

The Continuum Concept, by Jean Liedloff. I actually have not gotten this book yet; it is in the mail and I should receive it soon. From what I know, it discusses the some of the differences in the ways we Americans rear our children, and how it is done in the rest of the world. In certain South American countries, for example, children are often worn on backpacks while their parents continue life as usual, and the result is that children learn a tremendous amount and tend to successfully integrate into their culture much sooner than American children. Or something like that. Like I said, I haven't started it yet. But it sounds great to me!


Also, Christina and I got a pretty good writeup in the entertainment section of the Santa Fe New Mexican. Its a bit of a pain to read it on their site, because they make you sign up for a free trial or become a member, so I will upload it elsewhere, and post a link to it soon, here on this blog.


And lastly, I learned not too long ago that I have a giant (9mm) kidney stone lodged in my right ureter! AWESOME! I will post the entire heartwarming story soon...

Until then, drink lots of water, everyone!

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