Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I finally got somethng creative done!

I have been working on this for an embarassingly long time. But yesterday I simply decided it was time to finish it, so I did.

It's a "data glove" or maybe more accurately an "input glove". It captures what each of my fingers does with five individual slide potentiometers, for controlling some other mechanical device.

That "other mechanical device" is not built yet. And the fact is that it could really be almost anything with five functions, like a mechanical hand or a four-legged robot with a flamethrower.


  1. looks awesome christian! well done!

  2. Really nice work! Love the look of it!

    I was working on the design of a similar glove, but using flex sensors ( instead of linear potentiometers. That way I would be possible to control at least two degrees of freedom per finger.

    The idea was use it to control a remote controlled hand based on my own right hand / wrist with about 16 DOF, cable actuated by motors on its forearm, which was never build - work got in the way. On it there would be similar flex sensors to close the loop, so PID or other control algorithm could be used.

    Have you build the "other mechanical device"?