Monday, September 6, 2010

Burning Mesa 2010, dude!

I have always wanted to use the Subjugator, my flame-throwing tracked robot, to set the MAN (the Burning MAN, dude!) on fire! Well, tonight I did!

Christina and I hosted "Burning Mesa 2010" this evening, a sort of orphans' Burning Man - an evening of bonfires, barbecue, and flame-throwing robots for all the Burning Man attendees from Taos who, for one reason or another, did not go this year. That group does of course include us, because of the little incoming KB. (KB, by the way, started as the initials for Kidney Bean, which is approximately the size of your unborn kid when he / she is about 6 weeks old. For some reason we liked the initials KB, and came up with a name that matched. And for the record, it is NOT Kevin Bacon, or Ka Boom, or Koala Bear!)

Our good friend Peter Kolshorn made a kick-ass replica of the MAN, and for everyone's enjoyment, I used the Subjugator to BURN him!

We also had multiple bonfires, excellent food, fire-spinning, annoying techno music, and fireworks. The only stuff missing was the dust-storm whiteout, the awful porta-potties, and the 10,000 ravers keeping you up all night!

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