Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Lately, I cannot get enough of the Magnetic Fields' 3-part magnum opus, 69 Love Songs. The lyrics and melodies are so good, that I actually think I am becoming a better singer through singing them to myself all the time! The truth is that songs from this 3-album work make up about 95% of what I sing to KB, too! KB is already a fan of the Magnetic Fields!

Current favorite songs are:
• Long-Forgotten Fairy Tale
• Grand Canyon
• Reno Dakota
• Papa was a Rodeo
("Papa was a Rodeo" might be my all-time favorite... I sing it to KB ALL THE TIME.)

In other news, Christina's sculpture was a big hit at Burning Man.
The weather is beautiful. I'm riding my motorcycle. The shop is clean. The semi truck's radiator has been re-installed. The Hand is just about ready for El Paso.

And, last Sunday, KB hit term! That means that he or she could come out anytime, and be fine! WE ARE IN THE BIRTH WINDOW!!!



  1. All awesome news man.

    Magnetic Fields did some of the music for a film I cut many years ago called "Book of Love." Good stuff.

  2. I will have to listen to " papa was a cowboy " great title !

    " The Birth Window " - also a great title !

    can't wait to be a Nonnah !


    mom aka nonnah