Friday, July 9, 2010

There are a lot of amazing and crazy things about Christina being pregnant (I mean, when I look at her, I am looking at two people! Talk about mind-bending!)

One thing I find myself thinking about is how much we will do for our little kid. It does, in fact, cast a new light on the way one thinks about one's own parents.

One of the first real concrete examples of this, and something that drives the idea home, is the fact that we are building a baby room in the house. It's the first real construction we have done on the INSIDE of the house since it was finished. (There are, by the way, lots of good pictures of the house over on the first blog) But in any case, here is how the construction is progressing at this point....

I'm actually on a little loft-building kick, it seems. Just today I banged out a storage loft in the shop, which will help keep things organized.

Oh, and by the way, the title for this blog is a direct quote from Nietzsche. It is something that I believe whole-heartedly, and try to live up to. More on Nietzsche, and Henry Miller, later....

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  1. Looks good man! I'm psyched to see the progress.