Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Oh, screw it. I'll post a few pix of the Hand retrofit, even though this isn't technically the Hand blog. Rebuilding the Hand is the only thing I am doing these days worth taking pictures of (wait, that's not actually true.... I am also building the baby room... and building custom commutators for Christina's pulse jet project... and just took down our big art show.... and...)

Here is the Hand in a sort of exploded state. The pinkie and the thumb, which were ripped off the Hand the last time it was used, are in the foreground.

There are MANY steps that must happen to each joint during this retrofit. Here I am reaming the pivot "ears" to a larger size.

Here is the first finished finger joint. I just finished it yesterday. It is MUCH stronger than the previous design.

Christina and I put up a joint show of our sculptures here in Taos about a month ago. It was pretty fun, and the opening was fairly well attended. Nothing sold... I am not too surprised about that. We took down the show yesterday and I took some great pix before it came down. I will post those soon.

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