Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I'm not sure if this is true for everyone, (or maybe just for artists) but I tend to feel that I spend about 25% of my time thinking that I have too little going on in my life, and the other 75% thinking that I have too much going on. (I am sure that the preceding statement will become meaningless, or at least WRONG, once we have a little kid running around!)

I absolutely prefer the times when I have too much going on, and now is one of those times. It's ironic, actually, that I have to take 1-3 days right now to completely chill out, because of my back injury. But the truth is that I have so much to do in the self-promotion / blogging / computer-work department that I will fill my "down-time" easily.

One of the big things on my plate right now is fixing the Hand of Man. The Hand had an incredibly active first year of life, which culminated in the somewhat disastrous Fire Arts Festival in Oakland last August. A combination of factors led to a rather catastrophic "multiple fracture" during a performance on the second evening of the four-night festival. The thumb and pinkie of the Hand were both ripped off, unleashing a spurt of hydraulic fluid that sprayed people and equipment fifty feet away! After letting the Hand sit in the dirt for almost a year, I am finally getting to the business of repairing it. This is what it looks like now: (note the lack of a pinkie and thumb)

So, if concert-promoter AEG and I can resolve our stalemate about event insurance (I think I will write a separate post about that issue next), then the Hand will perform again just about exactly one year after its tragic near-demise in Oakland. That will be at the Mile High Music Festival in Denver, Colorado, on August 14th and 15th.

Now I just have to recover from my sacroiliac joint dislocation, and spend a month and a few thousand dollars fixing it! Piece of cake!!

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