Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Scale Models Say So Much!

Not long ago I came across this amazing scale model of the entire Ciutat Vell (which is Catalan for "Ciudad Vieja", or "old town").  I absolutely love these kinds of models; they give such a great sense of PLACE... like you are flying over the town in a helicopter...

The Ciutat Vell is the oldest part of Barcelona, comprising the modern neighborhoods of El Raval, El Gotico, and El Born (west to east). Most of it was at one time encircled by Roman era walls, fragments of which are still visible in a few spots. The Raval, where we live, was interestingly NOT part of this walled city; it was in fact mostly fields where food for the inhabitants of ancient Barkino was grown. Later it became built up, and dangerous. One of Barcelona's most famous, and grisly, serial murderers lived here.

This is the Raval. The thin black square outline in the middle shows the area of detail below.  

And here you see "our" area. For those of you who know our good friend Grey, who wisely bought a lovely flat here 10 years ago when the market was down, you can see how close we ended up to him. Randomly, I might add!

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  1. Really interesting .....I can see exactly where your apartment overlooks the market....putting the picture of Kodiak looking out he window...into context ! Also interesting that the area which provided food.....still provides food !