Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Wow, the last few days have pretty much been: "Work on the Hand until unable to continue, shower, eat, sleep, repeat."

I am exhausted.

But the revamp of the Hand is actually pretty much done, and appears to be very successful. (Of course this weekend's show in Denver will be the real acid test....)

Tomorrow: Load onto truck.
Thursday: Drive.
Friday: Set up in Denver.
Saturday and Sunday: Play with Hand, try to ignore high-decibel mainstream hippie/country music.
Monday: tear-down.
Tuesday: Drive home, collapse.

My mom came out to Taos and co-threw a baby shower for us on Sunday (thanks Mom!). It was actually a lot of fun. We got a ton of black baby clothes, and lots of stuff with skulls on it! HAHA! Our kid will probably end up liking pink, and being an investment banker!!! HA!
Our friend Sam Lambie took some great pictures, which can be seen here.

I think this is my favorite one, with Christina holding up the "Question Authority" onesie!

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